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Finish Foils

LignaDecor’s high quality post-impregnated finish foils carry out a wide scope of colour and design options. They combine the charm of natural woodgrain reproductions with the benefits of industrial materials.

LignaDecor post-impregnated finish foils are special papers printed with reproductions of distinctive woods, which have been impregnated with duroplastic resins and given a hardwearing finish with environmentally-sound lacquering systems. This forms the basis for a wide range of fancy designs and solid colours.

LignaDecor finish foils are manufactured with post-impregnated papers printed and lacquered to exacting standards. The company cooperates with the leading printers around the globe to constantly keep our selection of woodgrain, fantasy or plain designs up-to-date. LignaDecor can also deliver lighter or heavier grades and in the width required

  • Suitable for quick-step presses and roller-type hot laminating machines,
  • For flat applications and also for profile wrapping,
  • Excellent color matching along the borders
  • Excellent machining characteristics
  • Varying degrees of gloss available
  • Standard finishing weights: 120 grs/sqm for 70grs/ sqm, 135grs/ sqm for 80grs/ sqm